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Orthopaedic Filter Shorter (Visit this link)

The following PubMed search will restrict the search to the major orthopaedic journals published in english. Copy and paste the search string below into PubMed and replace "orthopaedics" with your search term. orthopaedics (jrid22024 OR jrid2275 OR jrid2208 OR jrid32471 OR jrid3046 OR jrid1981 OR jrid22800 OR jrid22785 OR jrid3221 OR jrid6314 OR jrid20148 OR jrid3758 OR jrid32378 OR jrid32364 OR jrid147 OR jrid30151 OR jrid148 OR jrid149 OR jrid352 OR jrid20176 OR jrid445 OR jrid1588 OR jrid8735 OR jrid1713 OR jrid832 OR jrid1323 OR jrid2581 OR jrid22043 OR jrid21050 OR jrid4588 OR jrid4025 OR jrid4817 OR jrid4300 OR jrid8571 OR jrid4409 OR jrid21697 OR jrid5005 OR jrid4569 OR jrid4570 OR jrid26987 OR jrid5097 OR jrid20986 OR jrid29822 OR jrid5072 OR jrid20199 OR jrid4640 OR jrid20196 OR jrid31851 OR jrid21060 OR jrid20206 OR jrid21527 OR jrid20218 OR jrid5850 OR jrid5906 OR jrid32734 OR jrid32498 OR jrid6369 OR jrid6297 OR jrid6541 OR jrid7039 OR jrid2048 OR jrid7575 OR jrid31699 OR jrid33155)

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