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Advanced Spinal Decompression (Visit this link)

Advanced Spinal Decompression Using The DRX9000 In Wall NJ (Jersey Shore)
    Often times, when I first consult with a herniated disc patient, they tell me they just feel like being pulled apart. If there was just a way to pull the bones off of the herniated disc. Well, that's exactly what nonsurgical spinal decompression with the DRX9000  does. It's also much different than what spinal traction does. Cervical or lumbar spinal traction stretches and pulls the entire spine. This can actually hurt someone with herniated lumbar discs or disc herniations in the neck.

When a spinal disc is injured, the body protects it by guarding the injured area with it's muscles. When a force is applied the body will resist by guarding even more. Trying to fight this physiological response by pulling (with conventional traction) even more can result in injury.

The way that spinal decompression with the DRX9000 applies it's forces is much different. The DRX9000 is fully computerized. It has it's own servo. It also has a bi-directional motor that spins at lightning fast speeds. The computer of the DRX9000 is able to communicate with the patients muscles through the harnessing system that the patient is wearing. The DRX9000 is actually programmed to appliy decompressive forces to the specific spinal level of the disc herniation.

Once setup is complete and the DRX9000 begins to pull or decompress the specific spinal segment, say L5--The body will resist and try to guard the injured area with it's spinal muscles.  The DRX9000 senses this and makes adjustments to the amount of force it is using by signaling the bi-directional motor to spin forward or backwards.

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