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A Physician With Osteomyelitis (Visit this link)

New Orleans Citywide Rounds A Physician With Osteomyelitis from Infections in Medicine 2001 Melissa Wynn, MD, Richard J. Wallace, Jr, MD, Katherine Baumgarten, MD, and Julia Garcia Diaz, MD, Introduction A 51-year-old male physician, previously healthy, was admitted for evaluation and treatment of an infected wrist. Initially, a papule had developed on his right index finger 17 months before admission. At that time, he stated that he frequently obtained minor lacerations while hunting and fishing in the marshes. He lanced the papule, but it did not heal; subsequently, it became violaceous and edematous. He self-medicated with cephalexin, 1g tid, for approximate-ly 2 weeks and followed this with doxycycline, 100 mg/d, for 4 weeks but noted no improvement.

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