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Orthopaedic Scores (Visit this link) popular

Goldmine of orthopaedic scores and scoring systems. 10 surgeon based and 20 patient based scoring systems for all regions of the musculoskeletal system. Includes: Harris Hip Score, Knee Society Score, Oxford Knee Score, WOMAC, Cincinatti Knee Score, Tegner Lysholm, American Foot & Ankle Score AFAS, UCLA Shoulder Rating Scale, Mayo Elbow Score, DASH (Disabilities of Arm Shoulder & Hand) and several more.

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Myles Clough

Reviewed by: mylesclough, Nov 9 2006 12:00AM

Michael Kurer and Christopher Gooding (North Middlesex Hospital, UK) have posted a very valuable resource OrthopaedicScores.com (www.orthopaedicscores.com) Currently it contains 10 surgeon based scoring systems (such as Harris Hip Score) and 20 patient based systems such as WOMAC (for knee and hip). The site is set up so that you can access the score, enter the data with simple checkboxes and radio buttons and obtain an instant total. The result can be printed out and there are references (links) to the original publications and to articles validating and stratifying the score results. This is a great example of the use of information technology to solve a persistent problem - in my case, what exactly is the scoring system that this article refers to and where do I find it?
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