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Proliferative Fasciitis SOA Textbook

Authors Scott D. Weiner, MD Thomas Scharschmidt, MD Akron, OH Proliferative fasciitis (PF) is a condition characterized by subcutaneous fascial thickenings that present as a firm, movable subcutaneous nodule. It is considered the subcutaneous and fascial equivalent of proliferative myositis, which is myositis ossificans without the ossification. It is a benign self-limited pseudosarcomatous process that is adequately treated with local excision alone when symptomatic. Because of the self-limiting nature of the condition, when recognized and diagnosed surgical intervention can often be avoided.
Outline - I. Introduction II. Historical Perspective III. Anatomic and Physciologic Considerations IV. Natural History and Classifications V. Diagnosis and Recognition VI. Treatment VII. Summary VIII. Equipment IX. Pharmacology X. References XI. Patient Education Summary

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