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East Lancashire Foot and Ankle Hyperbook

The Hyperbook is an evidence-based resource for education in foot and ankle surgery. Itís mainly aimed at UK orthopaedic trainees, although other professionals and the public have told us they find it helpful.
Our main goals are:
* to provide reference material for orthopaedic and other trainees in foot and ankle surgery
* to explain principles and concepts clearly
* to make it clear why we say what we do
* to promote evidence-based practice (Successor to Blackburn Hyperbook)

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Fifth-Toe Deformities eMedicine Orthopedics

Synonyms and related keywords: toe deformities, hard corns, heloma durum, helomata durum, soft corns, heloma molles, helomata molle, ainhum, hammertoes, hammer toes, claw toes, overlapping toes, underlapping toes, curly toes, congenital varus toes, cock-up toes, little toe, small toes, kissing corns, epidermal hyperkeratosis, Ruiz-Mora procedure, syndactylization, arthroplasty, Z-plasty, flail toe, dorsiflexion contracture, plantarflexion contracture, capsulotomy, DuVries procedure, skin plasty, pinky toe pain, pinky toe deformity, toe pain

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Foot Menu Wheeless

Wheeless' Textbook of Orthopaedics

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Pediatric Foot Disorders Developmental Deformities SOA Textbook

The developmental deformities discussed in this chapter are flexible flatfoot, cavus foot, adolescent hallux valgus, Kohler's disease, Freiberg's infraction, Sever's disease, congenital curly toes, overriding fifth toe, and ingrown toenails. Author - R. Jay Cummings, M.D. Nemours Children's Clinic Jacksonville, FL 32207

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Podiatry Encyclopedia Curtin

Curtin Podiatry Department presents a series of webpages that are regularly updated into a developing encyclopedia of conditions and treatment of the foot and ankle.
These web pages have been prepared from undergraduate projects in Podology,Podiatric Orthopaedic (Surgery of the foot and ankle) and Podiatric Medicine.

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Toe deformities of the Foot

Various painful toe conditions and treatments. Curled toes, overlapping & underlapping toes, mallet toe, hammertoe

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Toe Walking eMedicine Orthopedics

Toe walking has multiple etiologies ranging from idiosyncratic habit to profound neuromuscular disease. The spectrum of management options extends from mere observation to operations that may involve the lengthening of multiple tendons in the same lower extremity. In dealing with this entity, the underlying pathophysiology for each case must be understood to ensure that the treatment is appropriate to the specific etiology.
Synonyms and related keywords: equinus contracture, idiopathic toe walking, habitual toe walking, congenital short Achilles tendon, muscle spasticity, paralytic muscle disorder, jumper's gait, neuromuscular disease, cerebral palsy, paralytic muscle disease, Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Author: Edwards P Schwentker, MD 2007

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