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Lindare Medical

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 Lindare Medical is a Kent based supplier of spinal implants and bone growth enhancing, dose specific, DBM and synthetic products. These Products are MHRA cleared for sale in the UK, and we have the widest range of any of these type of products from 100% bone, to 70% to 40% which includes bone chippings, giving a kick start to bone growth. We also have an extremely new and interesting concept in Power Tools

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Lebord is full time manufacturers and exporters of surgical and orthopedic instruments.
All our unique products are the blend of extreme workmanship and high grade Stainless Steel bearing CE marked, ISO9001 and cGMP approvals.
Always looking forward to hear from customers from around the world to making trusty and heathy business relations.
LeBord .

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Biomechanical Models of human activies.

LifeMOD is engineering software for biomechanics which quickly creates accurate, dynamic human models which can be analyzed for contacts, displacements, velocity, acceleration, muscle and joint forces, muscle timings, control functions and energetics.

LifeMOD software uses the ADAMS physics engine to perform thousands of calculations, allowing users to interact with virtual models as if they contained people, but giving quantitative answers you could never get from a live test subject.

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Limbs and Things

Skills training products for healthcare professionals

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Conmed Linvatec Products popular

Arthroscopy, Electrosurgery, Powered Instruments Orthopaedic surgeons use CONMED Linvatec arthroscopic instrumentation, implants, fixation and tissue repair systems with brand names that include Linvatec and ShuttŪ, for diagnostic purposes, minor surgeries and complex reconstructions of knees, shoulders and small joints such as the wrist and ankle

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Lima-Lto spa popular

orthopedic systems, particularly articular prostheses, and the in-depth know-how in the bio-mechanical field, enables the group to be present on the most important world markets.

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