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Radiology case 423-3182

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Tuberculosis Hip

Radiology case 4412-23 Clinical presentation: 50 year old male with pain in the right hip, on movement.

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Adamantinoma Wikibooks

Adamantinoma of Long Bone (extragnathic adamantinoma): Adamantinoma is a rare primary low-grade malignant tumor of bone that is locally aggressive. Adamantinoma of the long bone is not related to adamantinoma or ameloblastoma of the mandible and maxilla, which is derived from Rathke's pouch. Diagnostic Radiology/Musculoskeletal Imaging/Tumors Basic/Adamantinoma From Wikibooks, the open-content textbooks collection

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avascular necrosis (AVN)

avascular necrosis (AVN) Etiology ("PLASTIC RAGS"): P pancreatitis L lupus A alcohol S steroids T trauma I idiopathic, infection C caisson disease, collagen vascular disease R radiation, rheumatoid arthritis A amyloid G Gaucher disease S sickle cell disease

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Cervical Spine Radiographs

Radiology Cases in Pediatric Emergency Medicine Volume 5, Case 2 Tai-Chuen Lin, Medical Student Loren G. Yamamoto, MD, MPH
Most spinal cord injuries are attributed to trauma. Absence of radiographic findings does not exclude a spinal cord injury. A substantial portion of spinal cord injuries in children (25% to 50%) have no radiographic abnormalities--SCIWORA (spinal cord injury without radiographic abnormalities). Some patients with cervical spine injury may also have thoracolumbar lesions. In the younger child, injuries to the cervical spine often involve the upper three vertebrae.

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Charcot ankle

Radiology case 468-821 Clinical presentation: Middle aged insulin dependent diabetic with right ankle swelling and deformity. There is marked soft tissue swelling with fragmentation of the bones, joint destruction, but no reduction in bone density.

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